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Industrial Painting

Looking for high-quality industrial coatings that exceed your expectations (and your project requirements)? Elite Custom Coatings has you covered - literally! Whatever the scale of your industrial job, our state-of-the-art facility has the space and equipment to take it on. Whether you're looking to paint fabricated equipment, construction equipment or individual parts, we're your single, best source to get the job done.
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Wet Coat Paint Services

Does your project require a more traditional process? We've got three wet coat painting booths, with cutting-edge pumps and sprayers that deliver a smooth, gorgeous finish to your products. When you've got materials that need to be painted but can't take the heat of our curing ovens, wet coating is for you. Add in our unyielding craftsmanship and attention to detail, and you can be certain when you call Elite you'll be getting elite service.
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Powder Coating Services

A powder coat is enduring, beautiful and resistant to damage. It combines all the best in aesthetics and protection into one attractive package. It's also an environmentally friendly coating option, making it a true win-win. All your product needs is the ability to conduct an electrical charge; if it can, it can be powder coated. Another benefit of powder coating? A wide array of colors and finishes are available. You can go for a flashy gloss look or a classy matte finish - whatever you're looking for, we can make it happen.
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Sand & Media Blasting Service

When it comes time to coat, if your product isn't prepared correctly you could wind up with an uneven or worse unsightly finish. That's why Elite ensures your materials are ready to go with our sandblasting and media blasting services. The blasting does a thorough job of removing dirt, grime and old paint, and then a comprehensive steam clean ensures your products are ready for coating.
What Kind Of Things Do We Coat? Short Answer: Everything
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Fencing, awning frames, window casings - if you're looking to add a touch of class to your building, we can do it.
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From military equipment to signage, we provide service to all levels of government.
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Give your business' appliances a uniform, color-coordinated look that is attractive and memorable.
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Farm equipment goes through a gauntlet every day, but powder coating can help protect it from the elements.
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Give your construction equipment a durable coat that helps it hold up to the rigors of its day-to-day work.

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Proven Process

The Best Method For The Best Results

If you don't take extra care with any paint job, you can wind up with a coat that looks terrible and won't last. We simply don't allow that here at Elite. We've crafted our process to make sure every piece we paint is perfectly prepared for perfect results.

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Coating Services For All Your Materials

You just can't match the visual quality and durability of powder coatings. That's why more than ever, companies are turning to powder coating to give their materials or products a stunning look and improved protection. Our expanded facility has one of the biggest ovens in the area for our powder jobs, and our wet coat paint facility can work on items up to 45 inches long. If you've got something that needs coating, our headquarters can handle it.

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